What is Alexa Ranking And Importance

Alexa Ranking and Its Importance

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

The aim of every person is to get the best rank for their website. But the main question is how to do it? Well it’s simple but every person have to go through hard work for that. The websites rank can be increased by the traffic that comes on your website.

Alexa Traffic Rank helps you to show whether at which position is your website or you can easily come to know what is the rank of your website? Increasing the page views on your website can be the way to increase the rank of your website.

This traffic is based on two parameters : reach and page views. The reach refers to the number of Alexa users who visit a particular website in a day. Page view, as its name demonstrates alludes to the quantity of times a specific page (URL) is seen by Alexa clients. It is made clear by Alexa that if a particular user visits the same URL multiple times on the same day then all those visits will be counted as one.

Alexa Traffic Rank is a tool that ranks websites based on traffic. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to increase your websites rank. Moving up or down of your Alexa websites rank shows how your SEO operation is going on. If you’re doing SEO right, you should get a better Alexa rank. So, if your SEO is better then then rank of your website also increases otherwise it will decrease your rank. Alexa Rankings are most accurate for websites with an Alexa Rank between 1 and 100,000.

In simple words, Alexa Traffic Rank helps to measure the website’s popularity and compares with all other Websites on the internet. The most Popular site is given a rank of #1 i.e. www.google.com, the second popular is given a rank of 2 and so on.

How Alexa Rank Is Calculated?

The Alexa traffic rank is calculated with the help of a collection of approximate average daily unique visitors to the website and the approximate number of pageviews on the website over the past 3 months. The website having a large collection of unique visitors and pageviews is  ranked as #1. There are above 25,000 different extensions that are used by millions of people that have Alexa coding in them which is used to generate the numbers. In some websites Alexa coding is directly embedded in them that helps Alexa to know exactly how many people are visiting rather than predicting it.

How can I view Alexa Rank of a website?

For viewing your website Alexa rank you just have to visit official Alexa website. Then type your full domain name and then press enter. After few seconds, you will be able to see your websites alexa rank both in global as well as rank in India or in united states or to which country the website belongs. Then if you scroll down you can see more details of your website such as Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Daily Time on Site, the Percentage of visits from Search Engine, top keywords from search engine, a list of sites that link and even page speed/load times.

Are Alexa Traffic Ranks important?

For most of the website owners, how a website is working is of course very important. As we know there is a lot of competition between many websites to get a better rank so its important to know your websites rank. Using alexa traffic rank you can also see the ranks of other websites that can help you to think about new ideas about how to increase your websites rank and can make it better. Alexa traffic ranks provides you more details about websites like Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Daily Time on Site etc that can help you provide ideas for better ranking of websites.


As we have seen many important uses of Alexa Traffic Rank therefore I personally think that Alexa is the best tool for measuring the websites popularity and is working quite well for the users. It might be helpful for websites that have great traffic as Alexa concentrates more on the traffic that Websites receives rather than on links to it. As for creating better Website, we can safely say that Alexa ranking might be the right solution.



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